Over 90 Years Experience in Commercial Electrical Services

Wired for Service


Family owned and operated for nearly a century, we understand the value of our own reputation like very few others. Over the years, we've continued a tradition which goes deeper than quality work, advanced technology and superior service. Hawkins today is every bit as focused on customer service, and getting the job done right, as it was back in 1918.

As technology advances, so do we. In fact, Hawkins' trains its staff regularly, and has always been quick to adapt to new ways of doing things. We remain as innovative and prepared as the days when the traffic lights we were installing were among Maryland's first.

But there's just no replacement for some old-fashioned values.

We simply say we're Wired for Service. It's who we are.

Hawkins Through History

1918 End of WWI. Jay C "Pop" Hawkins establishes Hawkins Electric to install a new technology called "electricity" in rural Hyattsville. Fewer than 35% of homes in the United States had electricity.
1920 The Nineteenth Amendment gives women the right to vote.
1923 Frigidaire introduces the first self-contained electric refrigerator.
1929 The Wall Street crash ushers in the Great Depression.
1933 Ratification of the 21st Amendment ends Prohibition.
1941 Jay's sons, George and Frank, join the company george and frank
1942 The Hawkins family establishes a retail store on Rhode Island Ave in Hyattsville, selling and servicing household appliances as well as Lionel Train sets lionel trains
1945 The company continues to grow, purchasing a warehouse to store appliances.
1945 WW2 vets Joseph "Gus" Ingegneri and Ray Thompson join the company as electricians to keep up with new housing construction demands. WWII vets
1951 Betty Thompson joins the company working as a store clerk and bookkeeper.
1951 Seeing the expansions of the automobile as the primary means of transportation Hawkins expands into roadway lighting and traffic light controls. old car
1953 Frank and George Hawkins decide their future is in roadway lighting and traffic control work. They sell the residential electrical business and retail store, to Construction Manager Gus, Service Manager Ray and Store Manager Charles Wilson.
1957 Nevin Shatzer, working part-time sweeping floors, is paid with Lionel Trains. When not in school he apprentices as an electrician. Lionel Trains
1960 Mr. Wilson retires, leaving the store to Gus and Ray.
1961 With a focus on electrical construction and service, Gus and Ray close the retail store.
1962 Nevin Shatzer joins the company full time as a residential electrician.
1964 President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act.
1964 The completion of DC's Capital Beltway.
1968 Hawkins celebrates its 50th Anniversary old notice
1969 United States Apollo 11 lands on the Moon.
1973 Gus Ingegneri retires, selling his interest to field employees Nevin Shatzer and Al Forsbacka.
1977 Hawkins Electric Service, Inc purchases two houses on Gallatin Street for offices and storage.
1977-1990 Hawkins continues to grow both in residential services and commercial electrical work.
1978 Hawkins Electric purchases its first computer. It fills a small room! first computer
1990 Ray retires ending his 45-year era with Hawkins Electric.
1991 Al Forsbacka resigns, leaving Nevin as sole stockholder. eric's van
1991 Nevin's son Eric Shatzer joins the business as a seasoned Project Manager, Service Manager and a Commercial electrician.
1992 An energy crisis keeps Hawkins busy and growing, installing energy-efficient systems.
1992-1993 Hawkins grows out of its Hyattsville location and moves into 12126 Conway Rd Beltsville, MD.
1994 Company offerings continue to expand with the purchase of heavy equipment.
1995 Nevin passes away after 40 years with Hawkins. Eric becomes sole stockholder.
1998 Eric's brother Todd Shatzer joins Hawkins Electric as Service Manager.
2001 Betty Thompson celebrates 50 years of service.
2001 Brother-in-Law John Ross joins the ever-growing company as Employee Coordinator to keep up with recruitment demands.
2006 Todd Shatzer, John Ross and Karen Malin are voted directors and officers.
2007 Hawkins receives Angie's List 2007 Super Service Award Angie's List
2008 Hawkins Electric receives Angie's List 2008 Super Service Award Angie's List
2009 Hawkins Electric receives SmartCEO magazine's Future 50/Five On Fire Award.
2009 Hawkins Electric receives Angie's List 2009 Super Service Award. Angie's List
2009 Hawkins Electric selected as electrical contractor for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the Tripp Family in Hyattsville, MD.
2010 Hawkins Electrical Construction of Washington, DC LLC is established as a separate company to focus on electrical commercial construction projects in the Washington/Baltimore region with offices in the District of Columbia.
2010 Hawkins Electric receives Angie's List 2010 Super Service Award. Angie's List
2011 Betty Thompson, still going strong, celebrates a 60-year milestone, telecommuting from her New Jersey beach town.
2011 Hawkins Electric becomes a distributor of electric car and truck Charging Stations.
2011 Hawkins Electric receives Angie's List 2011 Super Service Award. Angie's List
2012 With continued growth, Hawkins relocates to Laurel, MD, maintaining it's 94 year history in Prince Georges County. hawkins truck